The company’s new vehicle plies in a potroom. Twenty such vehicles have<BR>been ordered

The company’s new vehicle plies in a potroom. Twenty such vehicles have
been ordered

New fleet lifts work experience

Alba’s customised carriers will make transportation a lot more convenient, safer and greener while adding a more modern dimension to the smelter

October 2012

Customised personnel carriers ordered by Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) for its potlines are reflective of the company’s commitment, safety, reliability and the environment, the company says.

The purchase also provides the key incentive behind the potlines upgrade, Alba said. The company has placed an order for a fleet of 20 carriers, the latest move in its modernisation drive that began last year with the aim of replacing high-maintenance equipment with those that are more efficient, safer, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Schmitt: exploring potential
trade partnerships

The all-aluminium personnel carriers will be used for light work, for example taking employees from one end to
the other.

Commenting on the new personnel carriers at the potrooms, Alba’s chief executive Laurent Schmitt said: “Alba is in the process of upgrading its equipment and has already mapped-out a detailed programme to achieve this goal across various departments. The aim of this programme is to bring about greater efficiency, strengthen safety, boost the environment, enhance reliability and, of course, further enrich the work experience for our employees. The new personnel carriers at the potlines have not only been built for use in smelters but have also been customised for Alba, and are expected to be the sole method of transportation in the potlines. We look forward to seeing them.”

The vehicles are battery operated, and thus greatly minimise environmental degradation since they do not require fossil fuel to power the vehicle. Customised for use in aluminium smelters, the personnel carriers are sturdy, ergonomically sound, durable and productivity-oriented, Alba stated.

In other Alba news, the company, keen on building on its European sales and developing new business ties, sponsored and took part in an aluminium event in Moscow. The 27th International Aluminium Conference, organised by Metal Bulletin Events, was held in mid-September with 500 delegates attending from diverse segments of the aluminium industry. Alba was represented by Schmitt, chief financial and supply officer Tim Murray and chief marketing officer Jean Baptiste Lucas among other senior officials.

 “As a company with a 40-year legacy in pioneering the smelting industry in the Middle East, Alba remains committed to playing a leading role in tackling issues facing the global aluminium industry,” said Schmitt. “Our support for the 27th International Aluminium Conference reflects our confidence in the opportunity this event will provide in addressing some of the industry’s current challenges as well as prospects for growth. We are also optimistic about seeing how interactions with industry peers will, hopefully, result in potential trade partnerships.”

Alba’s Potline 5, the most recent
its expansions, was completed
in 2005

Key conference topics during the three-day event were the China market and production strategies in the face of rising costs and narrow margins with particular emphasis on relocation possibilities to regions like the Middle East. Other topics covered were the stock market, recovery in the automotive sector and the impact of the global economic crisis on consumption and other segments.

Alba has been consistently ranked as one of the largest aluminium smelters in the world, and is known for its technological strength, global competitiveness and innovative policies. It produces more than 860,000 tonnes per year of aluminium which meet or exceed the industry standard for purity, with products including standard and T-ingots, extrusion billets, rolling slab, properzi ingots, and molten aluminium. It has also maintained a strong track record of operational safety and environmental compliance.

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